Us Vs Them (2014)

An overworked teenager with superpowers is manipulated by a crime boss, all while trying to figure out the villains nefarious plans.

Filmed: November 2014
Status: Post Production
Role: Writer, Director, Editor

Currently Color Correcting and Sound Designing

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This short film is an adaptation of Static Shock comic issue #4 where Static encounters Holocaust. For this adaptation I was interested in defining Virgil’s ( aka Static) motives for being curious about Holocaust’s offer to join him. Definitely not one to fall prey to the dark side so easily, I chose to make Virgil currently undergoing a a conflict with the media’s portrayal of him in the news so he would want to figure out how to change their perceptions… and that’s where Holocaust comes in.


Virgil Hawkins:

-An intelligent, witty 16-year-old African American high school student in Chicago. Upon seeing the Crime rate in his neighborhood increase, and losing a close friend to gang violence, Virgil takes it upon himself to be a positive influence in the neighborhood and help out those in need. However he is struggling to remain positive in the midst of juggling School work, family life, and taking on the mean streets of Chi-town by himself.


Leonard Smalls:

–¬†Leonard was a small time gangbanger from Chicago slums, and the bastard child of the city’s mayor. Leonard engaged in criminal behavior for most of his life. He joined the Blood Syndicate, One of Chicago’s notable street gangs, only to be expelled after a violent duel with the team’s leader. Now on his own, Leonard is trying to use his connections to muscle his way into Chicago’s organized crime scene to gain vast amount of manpower and wealth.

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