The Flamingo (2014)

A manic radio DJ becomes a modern day prophet on the airwaves

Filmed: January 2014
Status: Completed n
Role: Producer

Available to view upon request

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Made in Association with SAG-AFTRA, The Flamingo; Or How I took the Electric Communion and  Learned to Answer the Phone is a dark comedy set in the mid-1970’s. The story features a radio DJ, who after getting a call from God thanks to a mysterious Santa, becomes a modern day prophet over the airwaves, inspiring listeners to reveal their inner inhibitions.  

Directed by Dylan DeMarko, the movie was shot on 16mm film with the Arriflex camera. The film features wild costumes, crazy characters, and a radio studio built on set.  Other locations include Junior’s Diner in Maspeth Queens and the mean streets of Brooklyn.

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