Funk Force (2015)

A dysfunktional team of young black superheroes struggle against a hip-hop sensation hell bent on hypnotizing the black community.

Filmed: April 2015 - May 2015
Status: Completed
Role: Writer, Director, Producer

Available to View Upon Request

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Funk Force is a blaxploitation and superhero satire that combines topical humor with a funky fresh attitude. The film explores the topic of modern-day race relations in America, the impact of micro-aggressive expressions, and the usage of the “N-Word”.

Drawing from my love of Blaxploitation films and  Japanese anime, the film incorporates satirical comedy with anime-inspired cinematography. Though they may not be the world’s best superheroes, the Funk Force try with all their might, while still looking Tight!

Check Out the Funk Force Film Official Website for More Info on the Project and the Characters

Funk Force Official Poster


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