Don't Worry (2014)

A shy freshman perceives others as making fun of him and lacks the confidence to make friends until he encounters someone recruiting for the ballroom dance team

Filmed: October 2014
Status: Post Production
Role: Writer, Director, Producer

Coming Soon: Spring 2018

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Shot on the Hofstra University campus with the canon 70D, Don’t Worry shows how a little confidence can go a long way.  When Elliot’s fear of being judged prevents him from joining the Ballroom Dance Club he goes through a self deprecating slump. However, he must sweep the demons in his subconscious off their feet once his embodiment of courage challenges him on the dance floor.

This film features a Cha-Cha dance sequence choreographed to Stevie Wonder’s Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing.



– A freshmen who still hasn’t found his way or made many true friends. He spends most of his free time playing video games or watching TV as an escape to cover up that he doesn’t have many friends.


-Sophomore who just started a ballroom dance club. She made very good friends freshmen year and wanted to start a club to share love of ballroom dance club, Have something fun to do in spare time other than class work, and to get others to see how cool it can be.

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