Aijo (2014)

A young samurai encounters a runaway woman whom he develops feelings for, only to find out she is of noble birth and has to confront someone from the noble family in order for their love to remain intact.

Filmed: May 2014 - June 2014
Status: Post Production
Role: Writer, Director, Producer

Coming Soon: Spring 2015

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“Aijou” ,roughly translated to “Affection”  in Japanese, is my Intermediate Film shot on 16mm color film stock. In addition to being filmed in the Hammond Japanese Garden in North Salem New York,  the costumes were generously provided by Kaede NYC. The goal for the project was to make a samurai love story, something not touched upon very often in samurai films. The film’s protagonist, Ayame finds that she must choose between continuing to runaway from her problems or gather the courage to fight her fear and defend someone she loves.



-A young peasant samurai  who is trying to forge his own path and yearns for exploration. His parents died in a clan war so he has been raised by his Grandfather since he was at a young age. Although shy and timid at times, his sense of honor is strong as he works to  provide for his grandfather.


– A kind daughter of noble birth. She loves her family but she doesn’t like the strict traditions and rules that she has to abide by. Raised by her mother and father, both nobles, she also has 4 siblings. She is being forced to marry  the shoguns son so she decides to run away where she runs into Katsuo.


– The spoiled son of the shogunate. He is arrogant and is accustomed to getting what he wants and looks down on those lower than him. He is arranged to marry Ayame and knows that it will bring him closer to power and riches.

Grandfather Haruo

– an elderly  man who has has gained vast wisdom over his years of age. He has come to despise nobility because their heightened sense of importance and disregard for the lower class. He is stubborn, but just wants the best  for his grandson Katsuo.

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