Rose Donohue (2015)

Taking place in the 1950's, Rose Donohue is a stripper in a high end brothel who becomes a prime suspect after the murder of one of her clients

Filmed: April 2015
Status: Completed
Role: Producer
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Posted by Rose Donohue: The Film on Monday, November 9, 2015

Available to view upon request

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Filmed in April of 2015, Rose Donohue, Directed by Austin Nunes, has gone on to win Best Art Direction award at the 2015 Hofstra Film Festival. A suspenseful 1950’s murder mystery film, Rose Donohue flourishes with its blend of suggestive imagery and farcical dialogue. With manipulative and grudgeful characters surrounding her, the protagonist  Rose must sift through the lies and  overcome her oppressive world before her own life gets taken. 

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